Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Squirrel love call

I'm not good with hot weather. A problem that's aggravated by the fact that I'm in a room built into the roof of a house, and it's south facing. The last few days I've been baking when I get back from work, and sleeping badly.

But with the heat off this evening I've been cooking. Unfortunately it's been doing stuff other than writing scripts. Letters, emails, text messages, blogs - all important, as it happens.

I had a really significant thought about screenwriting I wanted to share with you. I've forgotten it.

Did I mention that the Boy got through that last round of the Bamzooki audition system? Well, he did, now they've asked for a sample Zook to decide whether he is skilled at the construction aspect.


Hm. I did wonder why the same company kept reading my logline on Inktip. then I remembered some of the instructions: when it comes to loglines they are counted when they come up in a search. So they might not actually be read. Obviously this company is looking for SF/Action/Female protagonist - but probably feature not TV.

Nature calls

So there I was walking home the other evening when I heard a strange sound. It comprised a sort of throat-grating "chuck chuck" followed by a painful sounding screech. I'm no expert on nature but I was fairly sure it wasn't a bird, or if it was I had no idea what sort. So I backed up and tried to find the source. It was in a tree. It was grey. Had four legs and bushy tail. Yes indeed, a randy buck squirrel looking for a babe squirrel to hook up with. Up there on a branch saying "look what a big brush I've got".

This morning there were a couple of squirrels hanging out close to the same spot. Near a river, she was playing hard to get. Isn't nature wonderful.

What's on the turntable? "The Return of the Blues Cowboy" by Jools Holland with his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra featuring Joe Strummer. If this album doesn't get you dancing then you're already dead. (I will dance in private.)


Eleanor said...

"I had a really significant thought about screenwriting I wanted to share with you. I've forgotten it."

Great. Now I shall sulk.
(I'm at the day job, I'm allowed to sulk)


Adaddinsane said...

It's okay I've remembered it, it shall be the basis of the blog this evening.

Now instead of sulking you can tremble in antici...




Eleanor said...

You went there.

*rolls eyes*