Friday, June 19, 2009

Good news, bad news

Mostly I've been working on the website for a friend (as part of the keeping my CV up-to-date procedure), when it's finished I'll tell you where it is. It is screenwriting-related.

However yesterday evening I didn't work on it, I got excited instead.

Why did I get excited? I read a page of text which represented 30 seconds of on-screen time. And I went "Ooooooo, that's good, I want to watch that TV show."

There was minimal description - in fact minimal wordage - but I could picture it (and hear it) perfectly.

It was the Director's take on what the Monsters trailer should consist of, and it really conjured up the first episode for me - of course, I could see it and hear it because it's my universe, built with these very digits that are typing for you now. But it's thrilling to realise the Director has bought into that universe too.

The bad news is that my illustrator for the Monsters: The Graphic Novel has become involved in an activity that means he won't be able to do the work. Pooh. I can't really criticise 'cos he's doing something truly worthwhile (in a social sense) but he apologised and had to bow out.

So that's a bit buggered until I can find someone new.

In other news...

The Daughter finished her last A-Level exams yesterday, and that's it for school. Done. Finished. She's a free agent - now she has to get out there and earn some pennies so she can go to Borneo next year.

What's on the turntable? "Soil Festivities (1st Movement)" by Vangelis. A new purchase to replace the Teacher's tape that we lost many years ago. Love Vangelis.

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Eleanor said...

Good the director is on the same page - it's always nice when someone else shares your vision. :)

End of exams? Always nice.