Sunday, June 28, 2009

Be careful what you wish for


I'm not going to claim that my every wish comes true - I should be so lucky - but I do find the universe tends to come around to my point of view, more often than not, eventually.*

I have occasionally bemoaned the fact that the Virgin train journey time from Manchester to Milton Keynes is too short. I can't really get into any solid writing.

Well not today. Much longer journey time because there are signalling problems just outside London, again, so trains have been cancelled and the one I ended up on is taking longer because its stopping more frequently.

The trouble with blind obedience to wishes is that it tends to take no notice of consequences.

The train is packed.

*Yes, of course, it could be coincidence, in which case I'm a fan ... mostly

What's on the turntable? Not a sausage (and not anything else either)

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