Monday, June 01, 2009

Brain dead

Didn't do any writing of Tec this evening, too tired and I've had a headache all day - unusual for me.

But I did get a chunk done on Tec last evening on the train so we're now at a respectable 37 pages. Just about due for the second murder.

I discussed the plot with the Teacher over the weekend (well, she is "co-creator") and told her that she clearly had a problem (living dangerously) as she started spouting ideas rather different to mine. The problem, as I told her, was that she isn't writing and she should be, because she has a brilliant imagination (and can type properly = quickly).


What's on the turntable? "Forever Man" by Eric Clapton from "Cradle to the Grave"


MT said...

Good luck!

Adaddinsane said...

Well she hasn't killed me yet but then I am 150 miles away.