Thursday, November 06, 2008

Oh. My. God.

It's who you know. Or, at least, it might be.

Just in case something actually happens, I have to be very careful how I say this:

I remembered I knew someone who had become a one of the top people in a TV Production Company. (I knew him properly years ago in another life, as it were.)

His company does not produce fiction TV but, hey, he might know someone who'd be interested in my work. Nothing ventured...

So I e-mailed him at 9:00pm, thinking that he might possibly get back to me tomorrow, if I was lucky, after he'd had a think about it - I was pretty sure he wouldn't just give me the brush off because he'd always been free with his time and advice before.

At 9:30pm I got an e-mail back: he's involved in something relevant, call him tomorrow.


Must. Control. Excitement.

Girlie. Scream. Escaping. Lips.

(Not much writing in the last few days, still adjusting to my new job schedule, up at 6:00am , into work at 9:00am, work solidly until 5:30pm, home by 8:00pm. Knackered. Spoke to the landlord who's okay to let me leave as soon as they can find someone to replace me here. And then I'll find somewhere closer to the new job. But having said that, I've done some good planning for Air while sitting on the train.)

What's on the turntable? "An Architect's Dream" by Kate Bush from "Aerial". Yup, still listening to it.


Lucy V said...

Contacts are invaluable, amen to that. So sleep with everyone. Lol

Adaddinsane said...

Sleep? ;-)

potdoll said...