Thursday, September 11, 2008

What a week!

Talk about ups and downs.

Downs: Work has a been a bit of nightmare. Shouldn't really go into too much detail but there was the risk of people getting kicked out if a certain part of the project wasn't seen to be working by people higher up. Not me personally - but my team is implementing the bit that wasn't considered to be "working". Late nights all round. Had 5 hours sleep last night.

Hence no blog.

Ups: It can now be seen to be working. Big demo at 4:30 tomorrow, everything should be fine. Nobody needs to get fired and I don't have to be responsible for it. Phew.

More ups: On the script front I've wrapped up my Red Planet Prize entry, Monsters, which I've been refining over the past year with the help of script consultant Philip Shelley, plus David Bull and, more recently, Stuart Perry gave the first 10 pages a look over and made some very useful comments. (Lest we forget, the winner of the first Red Planet Prize had worked with possibly the world's most influential script consultant. It's essential.)

If you read Philip Shelley's website you'll see that he offers an extra service to the writers that he really rates: using his extensive contacts to help get them awareness in the market (maybe getting an agent or work). No guarantees, of course, but in this business that kind of patronage is worth its weight in gold.

As it happens I have, off my own bat, managed to secure the willingness of one agency (courtesy of the Screenwriters Festival) and BBC Wales (Dr Who, Torchwood etc) to at least read Monsters. But with Philip's help I hope to get my foot in the door right up to the thigh. (As it were.) And possibly squeeze all the way through.

Definitely a week of contrasts. Life can be fun!

What's on the turntable? "Omie Wise" by Pentangle from "Light Flight"

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