Friday, June 04, 2010

The Kid in the Front Row...

...asked these questions and since I love talking about myself I decided to answer in my blog and if you;re a screenwriter with a blog, you can do it too (you can find the Kid here).

1. What project are you currently working on or thinking of working on?
A steampunk web series called Winter.

2. Why is it important to you and why is it needed in the world? (Feel free to ramble at length)
Because it says something about people, their rights and abuse of those rights.

It's also about love - and corrupted love.

And it's about the suppression of women.

And war and terrorism.

And crazy steampunk machines.

And explosions.

And action stuff.

Set in 1913, in Manchester (the capital city of the British Empire).

I think these things need talking about.

3. What obstacles are you facing or anticipating facing?
Um - well, as it's going to be completely greenscreen CGI sets (like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and Sin City) the main problem is going to be getting the money to pay for things that have to be paid for, and getting the graphics created.


The two main problems will be getting the money, getting the graphics and shooting it.

The three main problems...

4. When will this project be completed? (Must set a date!)
Yes, we really must. You're asking me? I'm just a writer, dammit! Ask the Producer.

Realistically we're looking at a year I'd say.

What's on the turntable? "From Gagarin's Point of View" by the Esbjörn Svensson Trio. Yum.


essbesee said...

found you via kid in the front row, love your blog name/icon, very funny. also love that you end each post with what's on the turntable. I am off to look up that last what's on the turntable...sounds interesting.

oh yeah, and best of luck with your project(s).

Adaddinsane said...

Thank you, Sherri.

Pretty much everything I listen to is on Spotify, I've never tried including a Spotify link but let's have a go...

Try this

Makes sense to do that so, in future, I will.

essbesee said...

spotify - don't know. i blip though, just blipped that song - cool video. will check out spotify and thanks for following on the claw - right back atcha