Friday, June 25, 2010

Belies the point

So, Jimmy McGovern felt it acceptable to attack playwrights as being useless at writing stories for TV or film?

Well, no, actually he didn't. As one comes to expect nowadays he was misquoted. He didn't say all playwrights don't know how to write stories, he said some. And he'd be right. Just like some people can't tell the difference between "all" and "some".

And then Alan Plater died. Playwright, scriptwriter for TV and Film. Successful at both.

I don't generally get upset when people I don't know personally die. But I cried when John Peel died; and when it's someone who has made me laugh as much as Alan Plater did - I am saddened. It is a loss.

But I doubt he'd want anyone to be maudlin, so if you've never seen The Biederbecke Affair go out and buy it now, and learn how real dialogue is written. While laughing a lot.

As a side note, the Daughter appeared in episode 1.3 of Jimmy McGovern's The Street for about 3 seconds in extreme closeup, her script name was "Smelly Girl".

What's on the turntable? "O.O.B.E" by The Orb from "U.F. Orb" (You'd never catch me in a club [assuming they'd let me in] but I do like a bit of ambient house.)

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