Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good idea, Piers

The great Piers Beckley has referenced his 2008 posts about last year's Screenwriters Festival. I posted quite a lot too, so click to fetch it all to your screen.

Things are moving along, we have a final cut of Monsters so it will be available at Cheltenham - which is a bit scary, since I have to put the production where my pen is.

Or something.

Website is coming along, should wrap that up tomorrow.

Haven't seen hide nor hair of the business cards, I hope I don't have to use my old ones.

For those going along to the pre-event get together at the Queen's Hotel, I will be there, but I think so will about ten million screenwriters. We may have to just wave across the room.

Excited? Oh yes.

What's on the turntable? "Down South Camp Meetin'" by The Manhattan Transfer


Kai said...

I'm posting around on the blogs that I read to those of you heading off for the SWF next week. I shall be a volunteer there this year and I'm looking forward to putting faces to blogs.

have a great week and hopefully see you there.

Adaddinsane said...

Well, you'll meet my daughter then, she's also a runner.

Kai said...

Ah Ha! The plot thickens. I'm quite excited by the whole week, I never thought I could feel such anticipation towards stacking chairs!