Thursday, October 22, 2009

Final cut (not the software)

My preparations for the Cheltenham Screenwriters Festival hit a climax this evening.

The new business cards arrived, they look really good, and match the website perfectly (no, that's not a coincidence). And that was nice.

But then I began to download the two parts of the DVD image of the final cut of the Monsters scenes. This took some time, partly because the two parts are both rather large, but mostly because the free file service ( has download restrictions.

Now I don't blame them, they are in it to make money and kept pointing out that if I paid them money I'd be able to download right now, very fast. However I wasn't going to and as a result had to wait an hour before I could download the second part.

Various other things had to happen including moving to the Teacher's computer which has the Burn DVD capability and fetching some other specialised software. This all went smoothly.

So I burned the DVD.

Then I watched the DVD.

You know, it's not perfect ... but I thought it was bloody brilliant.

And that, I can tell you, was a huge relief. I knew it wasn't totally awful, the previous cut had been "OK". But I hadn't been overly excited about handing out copies or pointing people at it on the website. It would have been just "OK".

But the final work the team did, down in Coventry, pulled all the loose ends together, sorted all the little things that needed sorting and they came back with something that's really good.

Now I have no qualms whatsoever about handing out copies or having it playable from the website.

I am thrilled. Honestly I wanted to watch the rest of the story, I wanted to know what was going to happen. (Okay, I know what's going to happen but that's not the same as seeing it.)

I showed it to the Teacher, yes, I know she was never going to say anything bad, but she did say "Is that all? I was just settling in." Which I think is a good sign.

The Daughter tried not to watch the bits with her in - which is most of it. But even she admitted it was okay, at least the bits without her in. (She's one of those who doesn't like to watch themselves.)

It took 10 weeks and less than £500.

Not bad.

What's on the turntable? "Airborne, Part I" by Mike Oldfield from "Platinum"


missread said...

Hey, that's great news - it's fantastic when you enjoy watching something you've put so much time and effort into.

Look forward to swapping business cards with you next week!

Scaramanga said...
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Scaramanga said...

Congrats man.

I dont like watching the things I have done(all two of them) I guess I am one of those people too!

So I like hearing when someone can say they have saw something they did and be proud of it.

Congrats again and good luck at the SW fest, shame I cant get to that but I am thousands of miles away.

Canada should get themselves a screenwriting festival. Maybe they do.....

Right now I am off to check.