Monday, August 24, 2009

Square eyes

I've been watching TV. A lot of TV. In the last week about 40 hours of the series with the characters I'm supposed to be pitching stories for. I could only fit it in by watching at 1.4X.

The Teacher was not impressed. When I told her I'd finished she made some comment about getting her husband back - perhaps that wasn't a good moment to mention there was still another season to go. It should arrive tomorrow or Wednesday.

Still, the show was reasonable, though I think I would have gone insane with the tedium of 1970s pacing if I'd had to continue watching at normal speed. Honestly, the pacing seemed so right at 1.4X, occasionally I had to check I wasn't on normal.

I'm beginning to get some stirrings of ideas for the pitches, which is good.

In other news

The Daughter has been offered representation by the agency that contacted her through Spotlight - subject to meeting up this week. It's a London-based agency but about 50% of their clients are from the Manchester area. I would be suspicious (no, I am suspicious) but looks like a reasonable company, not too big, their clients seem to be working quite regularly - a good sign - and no mention of any fees so far (as there certainly shouldn't be).

Only a couple of weeks before the Boy heads down to London to film the CBBC Bamzooki show - exciting.

What's on the turntable? "School" by Supertramp from "Crime of the Century"


Jon said...

Apologies for cluttering up your comments section on an unrelated matter- looked to PM you instead but it was not to be!

I noticed you have a piece up on SWF Script Library and I was wondering if you'd had any downloads yet off it as I'm considering putting some bits and pieces up.

Obviously there's a herd of weeks left until the actual shindig in which downloads can happen but I'm putting this in the box labelled- lie of the land.

Thanks for your time,

Tom Murphy said...

I had a similar problem with the pacing on Sapphire & Steel when I was lucky enough to get the box set the other year. (There's nowhere near 40 hrs of it, so I'm assuming they're not the chars you're playing with.) Maybe 1.4x is the way forward!

Adaddinsane said...

Hi Jon - to be honest I haven't checked. When I messed around with it, very early on, they were having a technical problem (only the 5th technical problem I've mentioned to them) and haven't checked since.

Do they have a download count?

Hey Tom - Sapphire and Steel lovely. If you're software can do it the I recommend it - mine came with my Dell Inspiron laptop.

Jon said...

Hi, thanks for getting back to me.

Apparently, when anyone downloads the 10 posted pages you get sent an email (or carrier pigeon or somesuch thing) to tell you. That way you have some record of who has been looking.