Sunday, August 16, 2009

Damn coincidence

So the family went to see G.I. Joe today, we knew what to expect - the reviews had been along the vein of "better than you might expect". And yes, I think "better than you might expect" definitely covers it. It's not a brilliant film - though the special effects (especially the chase through Paris) are excellent. The acting is variable but then so is the characterisation delivered by the script.

It's fun.

Except I was very upset by one fairly important thing: there is something, and a very important something, in G.I. Joe that is exactly the same as in my Running script. I can see the writers of that film going through exactly the same thought processes I did and coming up with exactly the same answer. (Though they certainly did it a couple of years before me.)


What's on the turntable? "London" by Gordon Giltrap from "Visionary"

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Proves your idea works though...