Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Morning After

I must be turning into a real writer. Having a couple of days off work I went out this morning into Reading town centre and sat in a coffee shop planning.

I wanted to go into a coffee shop in a bookshop, there's a nice Waterstones in Reading, but surprisingly they don't have a coffee shop. I paused to admire Roger Ellory's paperbacks in the crime section thinking "He's my friend, he is, and he's got books in a bookshop." And he's got a redesigned website I notice.

Then went to WHSmith's which has a Costa Coffee.

I then made one of the biggest mistakes of my entire life: I had a large Mocha Flake. If any beverage deserves an OMG that certainly does: It's huge and very chocolatey with four flake chocolates on the side. Oh dear. And after the celebratory bar of 70% Green and Black's last night I am completely chocolated out. I alleviated the richness slightly with an Innocent Smoothie.

Anyway sitting in the coffee shop I got out my notepad and thought about the thing I need to create for the BBC and managed to get a few ideas down. I've based it on a short I did a treatment for a few years ago but never scripted (let alone had produced). It's got some tasty emotional opportunities, it's quite twisty and turny (like a twisty turny thing) and I added an extra antagonist to make it longer. It's a bit "coincidental" currently so that will need work. The code word and title for this project is "Winter".

(Originally I, very derivatively and very cornily, called it "A Winter's Tale" but I won't do that now, too many words. I like evocative single word titles.)

Now I need to send an email or two, send off the full script of Monsters to Red Planet along with the other bits they asked for and get on with some new writing.

What's on the turntable? "Weightless" by Mike Oldfield from "Tubular Bells 2"


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on Monsters and good form for 'blogging' your success - it keeps us going!

Adaddinsane said...

Thanks Rick. It's probably important to say that this was the second time I sent Monsters to Red Planet. Perseverance is what you need.

I also had the benefit of Philip Shelley's and David Bull's advice - both professionals with years of experience.

Which is why I got through this year and not last year.

Lucy V said...


Adaddinsane said...

Oh god. And Lucy. AND LUCY!

Lucy V said...

I *may* forgive you. Watch this space, punk.

Robin Kelly said...

Best of British and all that. What "other bits" did they want?