Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Any portfolio in a storm

What a title! I'm so funny! I bet you laughed 'til you stopped.

Why do experienced writers always enjoin (today's special word) you to have a portfolio of scripts?

So that when you read about some producer saying I'm looking for a script that's blah blah and blah, you can say "I have a blah blah blah script". Because a blah blah bleargh script will not be good enough.

Happened to me this morning "lo-budget short with SF or fantasy elements". Unicorn script in email within seconds.

High Five!

Make sure you have a portfolio.

What's on the turntable? (Nuffink I'm just off to work)


Brian Robinson said...

Good advice, sir. Working on mine now for that very reason. I've misse dout on a few opportunities as a result, including one that was likely to get made (in India).

Brian Robinson said...

"missed out". Damn laptop keyboard.