Friday, April 29, 2011

ScriptFrenzy - that's a wrap

So, I have completed my script for ScriptFrenzy this year, 101 pages.

Funny I always seem to hit almost exactly 100 pages every time I write a ScriptFrenzy script (I've done it five times), of course 100 pages is the amount I need to "win". But I never overrun which is surprising since I barely plan these things - I start with a rough idea of the characters and the plot, and nothing else (except last year which was an adaptation).

The Teacher has suggested it's my magazine training. Nearly 20 years of writing articles for magazines (and editing them) has meant I have had "writing to length", "writing to style" and "writing to deadline" drilled into me until it happens automatically. I will write the correct length of script - almost to the page - by the deadline. I like deadlines, though not for the same reason as Douglas Adams, that's one reason I do ScriptFrenzy, I know I'll come out the other end, a month later, with a feature script.

Anyway it's done, codename Rebels, now I have a polish to do on Running which will take a couple of days and then it's on to the rewrite of Winter. Finally.

What's on the turntable? "Brandenburg Concerto No. 1" by J S Bach.


missread said...

Well done!

Liz Holliday said...

Well done, you!

(I am still figuring out _how_ to do the _what_ I realised I needed to do to rewrite my script. I'm not at a point in the rewrite where I can just put down a load of placeholders - this is more like precision engineering. But I'm inching towards finishing it and this time, I'm pretty certain that when it's done it will be _right_ in a way it hasn't been before.

Adaddinsane said...

Oh, forgot to say "Ta."

Ta, Laura and Liz. Excellent on the rewrite Liz - yes there comes a time when you just have to fill in those pesky little details :-)

Some mad fool chose to read the completely raw first draft (not even checked for spelling and grammar) and came away saying it was "epic". Which makes me ridiculously happy :-)