Sunday, July 25, 2010


Brilliant. Mostly.

If it hadn't been Moffat and Gatiss I probably wouldn't have even bothered watching (considering the recent TV output).

But this was good. Impressively maintaining the feel of the original stories in a modern setting - I really didn't think it could be done but they managed it.

It wasn't perfect, the "what sort of person could it be committing these crimes" was insultingly obvious, and the idea that Sherlock didn't see it instantly is ridiculous.

But I'll forgive that because the rest was so good.

Let's hope the remainder of the series can maintain the good bits and fix the bad bits.

What's on the turntable? Nothing, again.

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Eleanor said...

*** SPOILERS! ***




Yes, I feel a bit bashed to death by the whole taxi thing. *rolls eyes*

She's just got off the train from Wales. She wasn't killed at Paddington. The other victims are all unknown to eachother.
=> Taxi driver was the obvious conclusion.
[NB Having a terrible memory comes in handy with crime fiction. :)]

One problem I had was that when they were in the cafe, I didn't get that we were supposed to be concentrating on the bloke getting into the cab (naughty director!), which then made me confused when it turned out they were racing down the streets, not to rescue the passenger, but to confront him.
I shall have to watch it again on i-player, to check the septh of my foolishness. *rolls eyes*
I am annoyed that I didn't tape it ... because of the current level of TV greatness. Nevermind.
Like Misfits, it is one I shall eventually snare when I can afford it - assuming the rest of it is done as well/better.