Saturday, May 08, 2010

Wins and loses

Had an interesting couple of days.

We didn't even make it into the Trailer Festival. Boo hiss. Anyway we'll be revamping the Monsters website with the trailer and additional footage. I'll let you know when we've done that. At which point we'll be making a more concerted (in the proper sense of "concert") efforts to get some interest.

On the other hand...

One of my "secret" projects (codename Traitor) involved delivering a set of briefs to a production company about 6 months ago, decisions to be made in February. I'd heard nothing and the usual approach is, of course, to assume silence = failure. But I hate leaving things in the air like that - no closure - so I popped an email over to the company concerned.

Turns out they haven't decided because they've been too busy. In fact this project is now on hold until next year. So I'm "still in the running".

As I commented to my correspondent (in the proper sense of "correspondent") "rejection I can take, it's the hope that kills you".

In the same wise, I was one of the people who sent a brief to Big Finish (that's the Boots project), again there's been nothing on this though decisions were intended for March - as far as I know nothing on their website either. So I popped an email to them as well. No reply as yet.

Even better news, sort of, is the project that's so secret I can't say anything at all. It doesn't even have a codename, I mean it's that secret (wow). I thought it was dead before even starting, but I find it's not dead at all and still has potential to begin. If it all works out this will be a book adaptation which I will write for the Red Planet competition - assuming it fits the brief, but it should.

So this is all good.

I have been watching...

Dr Who - hm, very poor on the Venetian vampires, plot holes so huge you could drive a bus through them. And they could have been dealt with very simply.

Warehouse 13 - still fun.

The Prisoner - I pity anyone who pre-judged this and decided it could only be bad because the 60s show should never have been re-made. Perhaps not, but this show continues to be scarily, unnervingly, disturbingly excellent. (Sir) Ian McKellen is terrifying. The Teacher asked if I was enjoying it, well "enjoy" is not exactly the right word. Am I being gripped, unnerved, disturbed and terrified? Yes. It embodies the paranoia of 1984 - it's certainly not for everyone, but I want to watch it all.

Ashes to Ashes - getting weirder, also excellent. The performances are all top-grade.

What's on the turntable? "Once" by Diana Vickers from "Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree"


Eleanor said...

Darn it! I keep missing Prisoner.
I saw the first one but I've managed to miss all the others so far.
My brain can't seem to get it programmed in. *rolls eyes*

Loving Warehouse 13.

Eleanor said...

Just caught the latest Prisoner. It was good. :)