Saturday, March 27, 2010

Week off - sorta

Here I am in Birmingham (the original, not Alabama) for the week. I like Birmingham and it's got some very nice people in it. Some of them are my friends :-)

The crime writer Roger Ellory (one of those friends) mentions, in his latest blog, working with his bass player - who it just so happens I was talking to this afternoon. One of said player's current jobs is working with a big Queen tribute band and he's getting to globe trot and play to big audiences.

There's nothing like being on stage. Brilliant.

Speaking of music - the Boy has been developing his instrumental skills and now, apart from tenor horn and saxophone, he's learning guitar. All he needs now is drums and he can be the entire band.

The Daughter had to give up on her plan to go to Borneo and look after Orang-utans. Instead she's off to New Zealand for a month doing voluntary work followed by a family trip to Australia.

Lucky for some.

What's on the turntable? Nuffink.

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