Saturday, February 20, 2010


This week I have mostly been listening to Icelandic music - somebody's blog (dammit I read so many) mentioned Sigur Ros and, as I use Spotify, I began to listen and diversify - Amiina, Olafur Arnalds, Jónsi & Alex - all brilliant stuff (and I've always liked Bjork). Being a huge Mike Oldfield fan (though not his ambient albums, like Light and Shade) as well as 70s Prog Rock this all fitted very nicely.

Which has nothing to do with priorities.

I have a lot on at the moment: the immediate pressure of the Monsters pick-ups next week, the location is still a bit of an issue though I have some ideas. Trouble is we're shooting on Saturday and most industrial estates, even the lovely run-down ones around here, still have things going on on Saturdays.

Then there's the re-write of the web series Winter, as Chris said on his blog the need to stand out is very important so we're playing to our techie strengths: extravagant imaginations and (hopefully) the technology to fulfill that imagination. One of the comments from the feedback on it was " a bit too Terminator" - the rewrite, which involves a complete change of universe, will kick that into touch.

I'm using one of Bill Martell's approaches on this rewrite: just write out, on cards, all the scenes you can think of that could happen based on those characters (in no particular order). And when you're done, re-arrange them into plot order (discarding those you don't need). I'm at the re-arrangement stage and filling in the gaps. (Although I use the card system built into Celtx rather than actual card cards.)

Then there's the web project. Which has been taking a backseat for the last couple of weeks.

Then there's the other new writing: Tec being the main one. It occurred to me that I haven't finished anything new in a year (except Unit X and Running both of which are in desperate need of re-writing).

So I have to prioritise.

Which is one reason why this blog has been ignored. But I am planning the next Application of Drama (to role-playing games) in my head. The game I was running has now finished and it worked out quite well using the principles of drama.

So the order of play currently:
  1. Monsters picks-up (script and location, plus no dropping balls in other departments)
  2. Web project
  3. Winter re-write
  4. Tec
Oh, and we're going to see Avatar tomorrow, it's unfair on the Boy not to, and it has to be seen on the big screen in 3D otherwise there's really no point. The Teacher and I could let it pass but we'll do it for him.

What's on the turntable? "Lori" by Amiina from "Kurr"


Eleanor said...

How was Avatar? - Did you suffer any side-effects?

Adaddinsane said...

:-) No, no after-effects.

The Teacher and I were only vaguely interested in seeing it because we had been infected by the "great effects, thin plot" rabble rouse of the media, taken up by the mob.

And it's not necessarily untrue but it is unfair. (Not that it's had a noticeable effect on revenues - and I bet that really hurts the critics :-)

The film is satire, even if it's satire laid on with a shovel. It's not a subtle film but it is satire.

And I liked it.

The effects were incredibly good - so good that I stopped noticing they were effects almost immediately. It was very real indeed - another badge of honour for WETA.

Scriptwise there was only one line that stood out as awkward and unnecessary. Other than that it was pretty smooth. Characterisation wasn't deep, but it was sufficient.

It has been criticised for being predictable. Well, yes. But I'm not entirely sure why that has to be a "criticism". Yes, I like to be surprised too, but it's not essential to enjoyment.

It's certainly not the Best Film of the Year - but as entertainment I enjoyed it.