Monday, January 11, 2010

Bill does it again

Screenwriter Bill Martell has been writing some new Script Secrets for his web site and this is the latest:

Conflict driven

I've read other stuff by him on the importance of the antagonist in a story, but this is the best so far. Also explains why Indy II and IV, are so poor compared to Indy I and III.

What's on the turntable? "Why don't we live together" by the Pet Shop Boys from "Please"


Thespian said...
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Thespian said...

It's funny I always hear people criticise Doom, yet as a 7 yr old kid growing up in the 80's Temple Of Doom was by far my favourite Indy and by some distance too.

I went to see it 5 or 6 times at the pictures and even today it remains my personal favourite.

As an adult I can see why Lost Ark is a classic but it was rated as a 15 back in the day and I always remember thinking that apart from 3 set pieces, the boulder, the snakes and the melting of faces, the bits inbetween I found to be, dare I say it, a little boring!!!!!

Doom on the other hand was fantastically exciting for a child from beginning to end.

Of course the addition of a young sidekick who I desperately wanted to be helped a lot.

But even so, the opening musical scene with Indy searching for the vial of antidote. The jumping out of a plane on a dinghi, the dinner scene (bad stereotypes aside), the room full of insects, slave children, zombies, human sacrifice, bad Indy, the ripping out of hearts, the mine cart chase, the huge water barrel, the rope bridge, man eating crocodiles....

What more could any child want.

I'm getting excited simply by listing them.

So yes Lost Ark is a bonafide classic but if I had the choice of my favourite Indy.

Temple Of Doom wins everytime.