Friday, November 27, 2009

More food supplements for thought

Back here I passed on details of an e-petition in regard to a set of proposals which would restrict all food supplements to being prescription-only i.e. under the control of the global pharmaceutical companies - which would be intensely silly and very annoying.

I did note, at the time, a news story about how "dangerous" food supplements were. Yeah right, as compared to normal medicines?

Anyhoo, I received this reply from our lovely government today, saying they won't be doing it. Of course, the potential to do it will be there but apparently there's no current intention to do so.

Hurrah, I'll still be able to buy fizzy vit C and the Boy will still be able to make "Cold Bombs" for the family as needed.

Cold bomb? You put 2 x 1000mg fizzy Vit C tabs in a glass, boil some water and pour on to the vit C (not too much), which fizzies and bubbles excitedly and looks like a Dr Jekyll concoction. Then get some orange Lucozade and fill glass to the brim. Give to person with cold and let them drink. Works wonders, the person will feel much brighter and happier for several hours - at which point you can repeat. You don't have to use Lucozade, you could just use water and then add some honey.

The Boy likes making cold bombs.

What's on the turntable? "Toccata" by Sky from "Sky 2"

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