Tuesday, December 09, 2008

So far so good

I've sent out the first ten pages of my Monsters script to the producers I have on my list. I decide to have a rummage around for other possibles and discovered that Red Productions in Manchester (Queer as Folk, Clocking Off, Casanova, Second Coming, and loads more really good stuff) have changed their policy on unsolicited submissions, so sent them the whole script.

Must admit I almost didn't want to mention Red, thinking "but if I tell people then they'll all be doing it and reduce my chances" - as it turns out I can't be that selfish. Besides, if Red don't like Monsters, or my style, they won't use it anyway - doesn't matter how many other scripts are there. And there are plenty of people better than me (I am now allowing myself to consider the possibility that I can write scripts), if they get a chance then that can only be good. (Dig that karma, baby.)

So that's one step of my week's priorities dealt with.

The job interview continues to be vague, which is irritating. I think they're probably prevaricating until after Christmas. Question is: would I prefer a job in Milton Keynes as opposed to Preston? If they do delay until after Christmas then that will be the choice.

I had some feedback from Philip Shelley on my one page pitch for Winter which means that it needs a bit of re-working. You might ask why I paid for feedback on a one page pitch? Because I hate writing them, which makes it so important that I don't put a foot wrong. I don't know enough to know what to say and what not to say.

As it happens, in just those few paragraphs, he spotted my recent arbitrary addition to the plot (that's experience for you) and pointed out the story is, in essence, a retelling of Frankenstein which I hadn't even noticed. But which was excellent and allowed me to remove the unnecessary additions and streamline it conceptually.

And that's why I pay for advice on a one page pitch. As was commented at last year's Screenwriters Festival, the job of a script reader/consultant is to help the writer find the story.

Getting back to the week's priorities, I haven't done any of the wine pages for the website yet, I'll finish up Winter today and write a wine page or two. That's the plan.

What's on the turntable? "Fair Wind" by Childe Rolande from "Foreign Land". You can read about Childe Rolande here, I happen to know of them because their lead singer, Alice, is the wife of a friend. There's always room for folk-rock in my world.

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