Wednesday, December 24, 2008

...and many of them

Merry thing!

So I spent a few days in Birmingham with friends and had a jolly good time. Came home to wife, kids, cats, rabbit, giant African land snails and dog. And have been working on various Christmas related activities ever since.

I had vaguely hoped to get some script written for the as-yet-unnamed new project, which for the sake of argument I shall refer to as UnitX. According to those that know it's a seriously commercial idea so I'm putting lots of thought into it. Unfortunately it involves a lot of research so that I get the feel of the period (post-WWII) and location (USA): Paranoia, Nazis, Commies, racism, sexism, post-War depression: luvverly stuff. And so Christmassy. So no script was written but I have managed some major planning on the pilot.

Here's to a happy Christmas for everyone. Remember to relax.

What's on the turntable? "Join together" by The Who, originally just a single but later put on the Rarities compilation

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