Monday, December 08, 2008

Domestic bliss

Well I'm settling back into home life, and it's great to see wife and kids every day instead of just occasionally.

Trouble is I'm not writing as much even though, theoretically, I have loads more time. Reasons for this include:

(a) snow, kids and wife at home half of last week;

(b) finding a job, which is looking promising (I have a job interview some day this week but they're not sure exactly when);

(c) dog, he's still just a puppy really though he's big, and very demanding. I read the puppy book yesterday so things should be a little easier - he keeps trying to challenge my authority as alpha male, I hate having to slap him down but it's for his own good;

(d) business partner wants me to write 13 web pages about wine (I have a website here which generates some cash that I am developing with an old friend);

(e) web developing my pet project which is nearing readiness;

(f) being generally domestic (washing, cooking, ironing - I can do all these things).

However I have been working on the promotional side of my writing, an important aspect of the business, and I have let a few more contacts know about my Red Planet success, plus I have the addresses of two producers to send "Monsters" to. I also have the one page pitch for Winter to send off to the BBC.

I have to buy a couple of DVDs featuring Parkour as research for the project with the working title "Running", this is for a contact I made at the last Scriptwriters festival. And I still have to wrap up for first draft of "Air", trouble is the copy of the script that I made all my notes on is in the flat in Reading and I'm not there. (We've decided that, on the way to see relatives next weekend we'll swing by the flat and pick up stuff - I hope the car can take it all.)

So my priorities this week are: Job interview; Winter; Promotion; 13 Wine pages; that should do it.

Speaking of ironing: I was working through a mountain of it yesterday and watching the "making of" DVDs that come with the 25th anniversary Bladerunner boxed set. This is really good stuff, it's actually interviews with people today and nobody is hiding any of the trouble that went with the production of, what I believe is, a seminal cinematographic work.

What's on the turntable? "See me Feel me" by The Who from "Tommy". Cool.

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