Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year Happy!

Last year I said this:
  • Get a commission
  • Finish all work in progress
So how did I do?

I didn't get a commission, although I got a lot of excellent feedback from various TV companies, including a promise to be considered as a writer if the series in question is renewed. (Which is about as good as it gets without actually getting a commission.)

The project entitled Traitor for which I was creating one paragraph story ideas has yet to come to fruition but the person running the project (after an email nudge) promised to take a look over Christmas. They will be commissioning this February. So that is still the most promising option.

So although I didn't get a commission this year, I have made good progress towards the goal and I'm waiting on the board to roll a 6 exactly.

As for finishing projects: There was Air, that's done and dusted and got rave reviews from the industry readers (you can read the first 10 pages). Unit X, a US TV pilot, which I finished but have put aside as needing a lot of work. Une Nuit a Paris, a feature, also finished and put aside as needing a lot of work.

And Winter which was originally a short, then became my "exciting new web project" proposal for the BBC- which they turned down, and now it's the new Web series which we'll hopefully shoot in 2-3 months. But it needs finishing. So technically it's never been finished.

I also mentioned at the end of that post last year that I needed to get a paying job fast. Which I did, and my web development contract work has been pretty good all year (after a slow start).

My current contract ends at the end of January but the agents are already ringing my phone off the hook - it's nice to be wanted. Though it's getting to the point where I'm getting picky - I want the next contract to be in Birmingham specifically (for various reasons).

Anyway, next year's goals.
  • Get a commission - I really must work harder on this one.
  • Finish the works in progress.
  • Develop 10 new TV ideas.
  • Enter four screenwriting competitions.
For the commissions I need to promote myself more which means finding more places to send my information to. Obviously the ones that might come off are already in place but one cannot rest on one's laurels.

The works in progress this time are:

Winter as mentioned above.

Tec which is the TV detective thingy that I've written once but needs more and lots of changes.

I do need to work on new stuff because I don't have enough on the go currently - new ideas needed.

And enter screenwriting competitions - why only 4? Well, I'm not much of a feature writer currently so I'm stuck with TV. And I need to pick and choose what I work on and submit. So just four is fine. One will be Red Planet (but I'll need Tec finished for that), one might be Screenwriters Festival (I'll need Tec for that too). And we'll see what else.

Happy New Year!

What's on the turntable? Not a thing.

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