Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nearly three weeks...

...since I last blogged. A record.

It's not that my life has been operating at absolute zero - no energy - quite the contrary, I've been doing all sorts of stuff but it's all been a bit unfocused. So I've had nothing really concrete to say.

I'll sum up:

I've been working on my new web project which will be revealed presently - it's nearly in a working condition although there's still loads to do.

I've done some re-working of the Winter project and sent it for some professional feedback. I know a lot of things that are wrong with it but, again, it's a bit unfocussed so I need some focussing.

I wrote and delivered a pitch for Big Finish in their New Writers initiative. What I thought was a nice little Fifth Doctor & Nyssa story. I have a friend who's a complete DW geek, so was able to confirm that my Earth-historical had never been done in any of the books, audio stories or in TV in the entire history of DW. Conename: Boots, just in case it goes anywhere.

Still doing the contract day job, part of my unfocusedness was due to the contract being finished and having to spend time looking for a new contract. As it turns out the current company decided they had enough money for another two months and want me to create a fairly radical piece of work. Should be very interesting.

Went to see Sherlock Holmes - what a lot of fun that film is, certainly too much fun to nit-pick. Interestingly enough I actually pitched for that job as well. Don't believe me? Well, 18 months ago a message came up on the Shooting People screenwriters bulletin offering the opportunity to pitch for a big industry movie. The producers thought it might be interesting because they might come up with something new. And it was a Sherlock Holmes story. I may have pitched but I screwed it up anyway, by not reading the brief carefully enough. Though my story featured Irene Adler as well.

The Boy was on TV again: and it's a nail-biting finish.

I've also been pumping my existing stuff out to various screenwriting competitions.

So that's about it really. My main focus right now is to complete the web project up to a point where my partner on this project can start creating content. Oh, perhaps I should say at this point that the project is relevant to screenwriting but it's new*.

So until the next time: au revoir.

* I rewrote that line half a dozen times but every time I came across like some ignorant pleb thinking he's going to create a copy of ebay, Facebook, Shooting People, Zoetrope - or anything like that - and make a million (some people really do ask web designers for that - "I've got £500 make me the new ebay"). It isn't any one of those.

What's on the turntable? "One Vision" by Queen from "A Kind of Magic"

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