Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Now is Winter

I spent over an hour working on the web serial Winter yesterday evening - and a whole two hours on it this evening.


Spent the time yesterday re-acquainting myself with it and re-writing whole sections to improve the flow of the action sequences. And did more of that this evening until I reached the point I had previously written up to and then wrote a whole chunk more, finished episode 3 and nearly finished episode 4 too - it's in 6 x 5 minute episodes.

Basically it's an action feature in 30 minutes, with the added extra that each episode has to end with sufficient cliffhanger to make people want to tune in for the next episode.

Not entirely sure how we're going to shoot it, although the locations are quite simple. There are stunts required, though I've got rid of the first gun (replaced with something more effective and more personal) we will need guns for later. Hey ho. At least it won't be in public.

Bill Martell (bless his cotton socks) has some of the best advice for writing action, which you can read over on his Script Secrets site (go via his blog). I just love writing action.

But a good action story isn't just about the action, you have to fit character development into that as well, and I think I'm managing to do that too. All squeezed into 30 minutes, what fun.

Of course what I forgot to put in my 2010 Goals was shooting and releasing Winter. Silly me.

What's on the turntable? "Go your own way" by Fleetwood Mac from "Rumours" - except this is one of the extras on the Deluxe album; it's slightly different to the original album version.

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