Friday, October 03, 2008

Making it

Oh well, see a bandwagon and jump on it...

Adrian Mead has got a new book out about how to make it as a screenwriter. Yes, I know you know.

But I'm not going to regurgitate the PR blurb. I bought it (online PDF version, it's less than £8 and money goes to Childline, what's stopping you?) and I'm reading it.

I haven't finished it yet but I've got to the "How To Get An Agent" stage. Now it's true that Philip Shelley is using his contacts in the business on my behalf, he's introduced me to two leading agencies so far (no feedback as yet). As Adrian says: this business is all about contacts.

I have made my own contacts in a third agency and persuaded them to read a script, and I have a major TV company reading as well. All this from using contacts and chutzpah.

But I'm not using the Mead approach, chapter 13, and I know he's right. I don't have a portfolio of work, I have the one major piece and no matter how good it is on its own, it's still just one piece. I could be a one-hit wonder.

So, do I think Adrian's book is worth it? I think so. It's intelligent, informed and, most important of all, it's practical. Nothing can guarantee you success as a screenwriter, and just having talent isn't enough. The information in this book will definitely help, as long as you're willing to act like a professional.

What's on the turntable? I've got some Laurent Garnier electronic trance running upstairs but I can't hear it from here.

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script doc said...

I got the first five years' work of my professional career out of one screenplay. Agents are only looking for something they can sell. One script or a hundred scripts - it doesn't really matter. If they think they can make money out of you - if they'll be able to flog you as a writer - they'll take you on on the basis of one script. Chances are, a portfolio of work would only confuse them.