Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy but not writing

Okay the 5 top methods of procrastination meme:

1. Reading blogs (I call that research)
2. Reading e-mails
3. Reading, currently Russell T Davies's "The Writer's Tale" (very enlightening, I call this research too)
4. Working on my pet website project (I call that "future income")
5. Getting a new job. Contract ends this week and I need a new job.

Tried to work on "Air" tonight and wrote a few things but really couldn't get into it, the "need to get a new job" thing is a bit pressing.

Got a nice e-mail back from BBC Wales complimenting my writing, and viewing my script as a serious commission (gosh, I wasn't expecting that). Got some very sensible reasons why they wouldn't commission it. It was interesting.

Still awaiting responses from the first round of agency submissions.


And did Danny Stack really mean it when he said "2 months"? We have to wait another month before we hear on Red Planet? I hope not.

I'll review RTD's book properly when I've finished it, but it's really making me think about budgets ... yes, I know, writers aren't supposed to ... but why not deliver something that is well written and works to a budget as well?

For instance the opening of Air originally took in 4-5 locations in a castle for the same number of scenes. Yet, with a little thought, I made it two locations without losing anything else. Also, particularly since Air is for kids, I ought to think about the number of characters. Can't really have that many.

Right. Stopping now. No more quick thoughts.

What's on the turntable? "Omie Wise" by Pentangle from "Light Flight". This is a very cruel story of a man who tricks a girl into running away with him, has his wicked way with her, then murders her. After her body is found much later, he is arrested, tried and executed without evidence. Luckily they got the right man.


potdoll said...

Great news on BBC Wales feedback! I'd procrastinate with a cake or a whiskey for that one!

Adaddinsane said...

Mmm, chocolate cake.