Monday, July 21, 2008

Parisian Nights

So, I've just finished my first set of corrections on Draft 1 of "Une Nuit a Paris". I spent the train journey up north on Friday reading through a hard copy, editing and making notes.

And the funny bits made me laugh, which is a good start. The big question is: will it make anyone else laugh. I hope so. I was quite impressed with it considering it only had the bare bones of planning and was written on the very tight schedule of ScriptFrenzy when I had fallen well behind. (Well, there's no one else to be impressed at the moment, writers should be impressed by their own work.)

Then I spent the journey back down south on Sunday and some time this evening making the corrections. It's not a finished draft as there are some facts about a gun that need to be brought out much earlier so they can be forgotten which will make the climax meatier.

I was a little concerned about the clash of genres, it's a rom-com/thriller. The only thing I could think of to compare it to was the Audrey Hepburn/Cary Grant classic "Charade" which also takes place in Paris. Not that I'm suggesting it's as good as that. I wish!

But in Charade the thriller sections are very definitely not funny - while the funny bits definitely are funny. And that's what I hope I've achieved.

The read-through of Monsters will be going ahead in two weeks (ohmigod) I have to sort out how to share out the parts (about 42 speaking parts in total) between 12 people except I don't even know what the male/female split is yet. But I think Celtx's production facilities might be able to help. Then I have to spend a fortune getting at least 6 copies (more would be better) printed up by this Saturday.

What's on the turntable? "Joanni" by Kate Bush from the "A Sea of Honey" CD from the Aerial collection. Just to be awkward Kate called her comeback double CD by the name "Aerial" and then named each of the CDs as well. Kate Bush is my age and I have always adored her music ever since I was blown away by "Wuthering Heights". She stopped making records to have a normal life and be a mother while her son Bertie grew up. Anyone who also likes Rolf Harris will find him on this album, painting.

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