Friday, July 04, 2008

Fiesta! Bonus Pics #2

You may wonder why I keep posting the pictures a day later.

Then again, you may not. Is it because I need to get the digital pictures developed first? Strangely, no. It's because I can only think about one thing at a time, being male, and when I'm writing my day report I just can't think about incorporating pictures.

Picture #1 is very important. This is a picture of Stuart Perry having lost his voice. Oh yes. He's the chap in the middle, in case you don't know. Note clearly how he is not speaking.

On his left from our viewpoint is James Moran, writer of Severance and of Spooks, Dr Who and Torchwood episodes. While on his right is someone who's name I forget but he was a very nice chap. The table is littered with lunch.

Next up we have an image of the majestic Nigel Planer standing in the food queue with no one talking to him. Apparently something is happening to the left of picture but I don't recall what that was.

Why is no one talking to him? Because they're too embarrassed because he's just so big, and tall as well. It's difficult being famous.

The red-head just right of centre is Joanne Leigh, winner of the Red Planet competition 2007.

I thought I'd throw in this picture of the happy crowds of writers talking and chatting with all the news friends they've made over the last few days.

Most, like me, would not really have known anyone else and came, heart in hand, in the hope of meeting like-minded folks, the chance to learn some things about their trade and perhaps even make contact with a producer interested in their work. At the very least, you will make friends.

This is my final image. It sums up the weekend. A game of croquet being played by Stuart Perry, Piers Beckley and friends. Life is like a game of croquet, on the surface it is a civilised activity involving balls and hoops; in truth it is a cut-throat endeavour with the participant's armed to the teeth with hammers.

What's on the turntable? "White Man" by Queen from "A Day at the Races"


potdoll said...

Hello! The other chap is David Lemon, writer of Faintheart. I know that because I once did a Taps course with him, not because I'm a stalker. Although it would be cool being a stalker.

Adaddinsane said...

Oh yes that's right. A very nice chap.

Unknown said...

Hey, that's me in the top picture (standing behind James Moran). I'm wearing the red shirt - Trudie Shutler. I was a runner at the festival and may even have ended up at a party with you guys in Piers Beckleys room (didn't stay though, too much free wine at the wrap party beforehand),

David Lemon said...
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David Lemon said...

Ah, bless you for the 'nice chap' descriptionn- much nicer than stumbling upon 'blithering arse' or something like that.
Wish I'd chatted and mingled more but was a bit nervous about giving my talk in case fellow writers got wind that I really didn't know what I was talking about.

I also couldn't stay the last night so missed out on the rock and roll trashing mini-bars end of things.
BTW would 'Potdoll' be a fellow attendee of the TAPS Bill course or the one I first developed 'Faintheart' on...?