Friday, July 04, 2008

Fiesta! Take-away

As I sit in my room this Friday morning before checking out (checking out? I haven't even made myself beautiful yet). As I sit here I thought I would sum up what I think I've learned from the past three days.
  • William Goldman is right, nobody knows nothing.
  • Be true to your own vision, don't compromise and don't try to second-guess the market.
  • TV commissioners want recurring series, mainly.
  • Professional consultancy is absolutely essential, no point fooling yourself otherwise.
  • Everyone in TV and Film is scared (because of point #1), they need you to be confident.
  • Money is short but TV and Film will go on being made.
  • You don't have to have an agent, you can use a lawyer to check your contract.
And finally: Writers are not links in the production chain, writers are the stake driven into the ground to which all the other links are attached (and flail about wildly). Without writers the others would not even exist.

Now I shall make myself beautiful.

What's on the turntable? "Another one bites the dust" by Queen from "Queen's Greatest Hits"

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Robin Kelly said...

Cheers for all your reports, very useful.