Saturday, March 26, 2011


I had the meeting with the agent. It was fine but I didn't get promoted to the "New but unproduced writers" list. But they still want to talk to me and see any new scripts. I'm pretty happy with that.

So I call them my (almost) agent. Having an (almost) agent retains all the disadvantages of not having an agent but also contains the soul-destroying* hope that one day they might actually want to represent you.

In the meantime I have very nearly finished my Running rewrite and I'm thinking of changing my planned Script Frenzy script to something that fits the Steampunk world that Chris (the Director) and I have been working on. Something that would be incredibly expensive to make :-)

In other news

I have had a extension on my current job contract - but I'll have "work from home" flexibility, which is very nice indeed.

*Only soul-destroying until they actually say "we want to represent you".

What's on the turntable? "Bach's Prelude No.1, BWV 846" played by the Jacques Louissier Jazz Trio. Yummy.

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