Sunday, April 18, 2010

Muddy waters

Not the great blues singer - I've hit act III of my ScriptFrenzy script and I'm procrastinating.

Now the movie plot has to deviate significantly from the book plot because the original ending just won't work for an action movie.

Mostly, up to now, I'd been following the storyline although I had changed the order of some events and lost a few superfluous characters.

If truth be told, I haven't envisaged the ending fully - and without a place to go, how do you know how to get there?

Better think quickly, I need to finish this today.

EDIT: I pondered, I resolved, I wrote - and finished. That's ScriptFrenzy done for me this year.

I have been watching...

Warehouse 13 - fun, popcorn TV. The Prisoner - nowhere near as bad as the bleating sheep try to make you believe. Sir Ian is wonderful, of course. Some nice little nods to the original but it's definitely its own story. Weirdly enough it reminded me most of The Truman Show. And they kept the rovers, lovely. Ashes to Ashes - excellent. The Mentalist - why try to make a modern Sherlock Holmes when you have this? (Which is a modern Sherlock Holmes.) Flash Forward - rather good. Dr Who - Spitfires in space! What else is there to say? Heroes - the ship has been turned around, but I doubt anyone will believe me.

What's on the turntable? Bach's Prelude No.1 played Jacques Loussier and his jazz trio. (I've added a Spotify link, I wonder if it'll work)

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