Monday, June 30, 2008

An hour to go...

I'm so well organised (ahem) that I've got some time to blog before I wander off to the station to catch the train to the Cheltenham Screenwriters Festival, total journey time predicted to be 5.5 hours door-to-door. Bleagh.

Apart from the walk to the station I need to get to Manchester Piccadilly station. The train I shall take goes to Manchester Victoria instead. It takes 23 minutes. The metro from Victoria to Piccadilly (a distance of barely 1 mile) takes 26 minutes. If my first train went to Piccadilly (which it easily could) that too would take about 20 minutes. But it doesn't. End result: I have to leave an hour earlier than I otherwise would.

I'm doing the old first class thing again, only £50 return. It's just so worth it for the leg-room, the time to write comfortably and the appalling food. Seriously, if you ever travel first class on Cross Country trains just never have the pannini, they are truly awful (the coffee, biscuits, orange juice, are okay and the Sunday packed lunch for First class is fine). I shall have to experiment with First Class on Virgin sometime and see what that gives me.

In reference to yesterday's blog, I pulled a USB lead from my ancient iMac to an external drive and it worked with one of the cameras. Yes! So I can do pictures and words. That'll be fun.

I've had another positive e-mail back from an industry professional to meet up for a chat. He's a money man and I have a particular question I'd like answered in regard to writers acquiring properties. It's also very important to learn about all aspects of the business. I'll let you know.

I shall blog as best I can, but I won't be able to see all the sessions because there are many that are simultaneous.

Right. 40 minutes to go. Need to pack up everything and then make dinner for my wife and kids for tonight. (The least I can do since they put up with a mostly absent father, and Monday evening is always busy for them.)

What's on the turntable? "Sweet Dreams (are made of these)" by the Eurythmics from the album of the same name. I love Annie Lennox (and Dave Stewart's okay).