Sunday, May 29, 2011

Something for the Kids: Q&A #2 and Summing up

To be honest there wasn't much to the second Q&A - but I'll see what I can put together.

Can we do historical? Connal: The current controller doesn't like historical, it's not a cost thing. There's no reason why not otherwise, as long as it's distinctive in period and has relevance. Having said that we are doing "Just William" and have "Leonardo" coming up.

What about animation? Connal: We won't do it though we do have a big puppet thing coming up. It's a very international thing best to go through an animation company.

Jo Combes of the Writersroom had talked about grabbing people in the first 10 pages? Connal: For us we work in 30 minute slots - you have to grab in 2-3 minutes. And you need to know how to structure a good story.

Summing up

There was a lot of information here but whether it's what people were expecting I have no idea. I went there to find people to whom I could promote myself as a scriptwriter. And I succeeded in my quest. Whether anyone else succeeded in getting what they wanted, you'd have to ask them.

I suspect not in many cases - I just hope the person who flew in from Belfast got what they wanted.

What's on the turntable? "Fascination" by David Bowie from "Sound and Vision"

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