Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This week...

... I have mostly been devising stories.

Takes about an hour to work through a character and, with the help of the 36 dramatic situations, devise (hopefully) interesting and unusual story plotlines for the Traitor project. Only one more to do for the end of the month deadline.

Shooting for Monsters this weekend. Eeek.

I've booked the accommodation for the Screenwriters festival for self and daughter.

Met with collaborator on the Clones project, mostly happy with the skeletal treatment, just a few modifications required and I'll get that knocked out next week, I think.

Then I can start to think about re-writing Tec.

The Boy went off down south this morning and, as I write, he'll be in the Bamzooki studio, according to the schedule. He's filming this afternoon and tomorrow morning then back in the afternoon. Depending on the outcome he may, or may not, be back there again soon.

What's on the turntable? "Human behaviour" by Bjork from "Debut"

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